When you are moving out, it’s normal to ask for storage where some of your belongings can be put away for a while. Maybe you don’t have enough room in your new home or you don’t quite need them yet but you don’t want to throw them away. Either way – it’s important to have someone deliver all of your items to storage units just like it’s important for someone to later deliver them to your new property.

If you have decided to use the storage units that Big Yellow, Shurgard or Safe Store offer, we will transport everything to them just like we will grab them after.

Your belongings will be fully secured 24/7.

Our team will come to the property with vans and will take all of the items you want to be put away. Yes, we are fully insured. Your belongings will be delivered safely.

If you have an office and you want to enjoy our service – you can. Don’t think that we are performing this service only at a domestic scale. So if you are an office in London – don’t hesitate and reach out to Man&Van.

We have a couple of options for this service

We can offer you a couple of different options for this service and you can choose whichever suits you best.

The first thing that we can offer you is for us to come and pack all of your belongings. There are a couple of things that we need to be sure of. That the items can fit through the door in order for us to carry them to our van. If you need ovens with gas or similar appliances to be transported they need to already be unhooked since we aren’t certified to do this. And the last thing is that us packing your items are charged additionally.

Then we will transport your belongings to the storage unit.

When the time comes, we will go and grab them for you. Then we will deliver them to your new property and will unpack them for you.

The second thing that we can offer you is for us to come and take the items that were already packed by you. The process after that is similar to the last one. We will load them in our van and will deliver them to the storage unit. Then once it’s time to grab the belongings from the storage, we will do that for you and will transport them to your new location.

When you reach out to us on 020 8077 4789 one of our friendly customer service agents will gladly take care of your storage needs. Everyone on our team is fully trained and knows absolutely every detail about our company and the services we offer. Our customer service agents are no exception. They will answer your question if there are any. They will give you additional information if you need it. Most importantly they will help you plan this service with us. You will also receive a FREE quote which has no hidden fees and is non-obligatory.