Rubbish Removals

No one likes rubbish especially when there are piles of it. So how about you let our team deal with the trash and get rid of it.

Whether you need a Commercial or Domestic Rubbish Removal in London – Man&Van has your back.

What does the process include?

If you need this service to be performed – make sure you dial 020 8077 4789 where one of our fully trained customer service agents will help you plan the whole process with us. We might need to plan a viewing or have you send us pictures in order for us to be able to provide you with an exact price. Then when the date of the rubbish removal comes, our team will come and will load all of the trash into our vans as fast as possible. We have mastered this service and we can confidently say that we perform it quick and efficient so that we do not waste your time or disrupt your daily routine.

We will make sure we bring all of your trash to a garbage dump where we will throw it away so that it is out of your life. We have a little disclaimer. If you want to throw away food or a couple of garbage bags that contain food in them – we won’t be able to do that. If you want a huge wardrobe to be thrown or something similar – we will need to break it before we put it in our van so bear in mind that we will need more time to perform the service.

We also need to know if all of your rubbish is inside or on the outside. If it’s on the inside it needs to be able to fit through your doors so that we can get it to our vans.

Yes, we are fully licensed

We have all the needed licenses and permits to perform this job. Our company will remove the rubbish as fast as possible and the best thing is that you won’t even have to do anything – you can go your merry way once you book us.

We are very punctual

We value our customers time just as much as we value our own – so we will come exactly when we told you we will. We like being on time and doing our job fast. If you have any requirements – please, inform our customer service agents upon booking and they will take care of everything.

Life is better when your home is free of rubbish, so decide today that you will get rid of everything unwanted and we will come to the rescue. Ensure an organized and tidy environment for you and your family.