Man&Van + End of Tenancy Services

Both of these services cause huge chaos and a lot of stress for our customers. But we are here to ensure you that there is nothing to worry about. There is nothing better than to have one company deal with both of these tasks – and we can offer you both of them.

Why the best thing you can do is let one company deal with both?

traveling vanSuch a great question.

  • Our team will get familiar with the property when they are packing your things

This will make the End of Tenancy Cleaning very easy and hassle-free since they will already know what the property looks like and the condition it is in. They will know what needs to be cleaned and where they need to focus on before the service even begins.

  • You will save a lot of time and money

Let’s be honest – you have already probably lost too much time on searching companies that offer both of these services and researching reviews they have from other customers. By choosing Man&Van to do both you save tons of time and headaches on deciding who to trust. And we all know that time is money. So quit wasting your precious time and trust Man&Van with both your End of Tenancy Cleaning and your Man&Van Services.

When it comes to the Man&Van Service we can offer you a couple of choices.

  • Our team will load your belongings in our van and deliver them to your new location. You will pack and unpack your things on your own.
  • Our team will pack all of your belonging for you and will deliver them from point A to point B. We will wrap all of your stuff with a bubble wrap and tape which will ensure you that you will receive them with no damage. Then our team will unload them from the van, will unpack them and will place them wherever you say in their property. This is at extra charge.

When it comes to the End of Tenancy Cleaning Service – all of our cleaning technicians are fully trained and have dealt with plenty of properties that are in different conditions (some worst than others). But we love a good challenge and we will deep clean the property top to bottom so there is nothing for you to worry about.

We also have a special 48hour guarantee that ensures you that if there are any problems or we missed cleaning something we will come back and re-clean everything 48 hours after our first visit.