After Builders Services

Yes, we specialize in Removal and Man and Van Services but don’t get this wrong – we can also offer you After Builders Cleaning.

after builders messWe know how exciting it is to finish your renovation project and how terrible it is to see the mess that the builders left after themselves. We love making our customers happy, so we have decided to get a dedicated team for that and master that service for you – so that you can receive full satisfaction from our company and so that we can be helpful to you in each area.

Our company believes that growth and evolvement is the key to success. That’s why we offer this service that in comparison to our other ones looks very odd. This is a very common problem that our customers have when they reach out to us for our Rubbish Removal Services.

We have a team of cleaning technicians that is fully trained and ready to tackle the mess surrounding your renovation in no time. Man&Van uses industry-approved equipment and detergents. We have the right skills and knowledge to leave your property spotless. We have a team of fully trained cleaning technicians that we made sure underwent excessive training. This taught them every little small detail about this service and the cleaning method. When we say that everyone on our team is a professional – we truly mean it.

Let Man&Van deep clean the area of the improvements you have made and remove all sight of the builders.

Our team will take care of rubbish, leftover paint, debris, dirt, dust, etc. We will help you enjoy your renovation in no time so don’t panic about the state that it is in now. With our help, it will be spotless in no time.

As we said, we have mastered this service and with the help of our equipment, we will be done as quick as possible. When you are aggravated about the mess the last thing that you want is strangers coming in your home and staying there for long. That’s why we will do our best to perform the service fast, of course without lacking quality so that you can enjoy your renovation in peace without the unnecessary hassle, worries, and headaches.

How can you receive your quote?

You can contact us on 020 8077 4789 or you can fill in our online contact form here. Our customer service agents are experts and know everything about our services and our price list so they will be able to give you a free exact quotation with no hidden fees.